This wiki has been developed by us in order to highlight the importance of copyright laws in the field of education. The theme of our wiki is "Teachers Doing It Right". We engaged in this collaborative learning activity as a partial fulfillment of our course requirements for the course "PIDP 3240: Media Enhanced Learning " of the Provincial Instructors Diploma, conducted by the Vancouver Community College. Our team members are :
Helen Barbe
Jose Kagaoan
Peter Gomes
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Copyright is a legal concept, which grants the author or creator of a work legal rights to control the duplication and public performance of his or her work. In many jurisdictions, this is limited by a time period after which the works then enter the public domain. During the time period of copyright the author's work may only be copied, modified, or publicly performed with the consent of the author, unless the use is a fair use.
Traditional copyright control, limits the use of the work of the author to those who can, or are willing to, afford the payment of royalties to the author for usage of the authors content, or limit their use to fair use.

Public Domain

The public domain is a range of creative works whose copyright has expired, or was never established; as well as ideas and facts[nb 1[[http://en.wikipedia.org/. A public domain work is a work whose author has either relinquished to the public, or no longer can claim control over, the distribution and usage of the work. As such any person may manipulate, distribute, or otherwise utilize the work, without legal ramifications. A work released into the public domain, or under a very liberal license, by its author may be referred to as "copycenter".[4[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_content#cite_note-4|]]]

As educators we face the challenge of dealing with copyright laws on a day today basis. Are there any restrictions in photocopying someone's work and distributing in the classroom? Can I allow my students to watch a Youtube during the classroom and use it to emphasize on what I am trying to teach? Can I show a video borrowed from a library in my classroom? These are some of the issues we face on a regular basis. Do teachers know what is right and what is wrong under the said circumstances? This is what we are trying to emphasize in our wiki. Our wiki is organized under the following headings for your easy reference.

Overview of copyright legislation in Canada
Photocopying for the classroom what is not allowed
Copying materials from the internet
Video presentations
Audio presentations
How Creative Commons can help educators
How Access Canada can help educators
Educators Frequently Asked Questions on Copyright Law
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